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What’s Better – a Color Copier or a Black and White Model?

 Buying a copy machine often means choosing between a model that can make color copies versus one that only uses black toner. Again, it comes down to your exact needs. Do you need to make color copies? If so, consider the cost of the toner and the number of those copies you’ll make on a regular basis. It might be less expensive to choose a black toner-only model, and then outsource your color copies if you’ll only need a few of them once in a while.

Which Copiers Do you supply

Copier Max Solutions are always the best partners for your business, and in this we supply Photocopier Machines that is B/W, and Colored copier machines For Ricoh Aficioh, Kyocera, Canon, HP, Xerox WorkCentre, Konica Minolta Biz hub, Copy Printer/Duplicators, Desktop Computers, Laptops and Toners And Cartridges  

Can All Copiers Do the Same Things?

The short answer to this is no. Each copier can handle different types of tasks. Some handle high tech things like stapling, collating, and even doing various double-sided copying. They might be able to copy on a legal sized A3 piece of paper or even a smaller A5 sized version. The only true universal feature among these machines is the fact that they copy on 8.5 by 11-inch paper. Everything else will differ, so go over the specifications and think about your printing needs when choosing a copier.

Does the Copier Come with a Warranty?

Warranties are quite different than maintenance packages. Unless your copier is a used model, it should come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This protects you should something go wrong with it after you purchase the machine. While the length of warranty tends to vary, for the most part, it’s between two and three years. If your machine breaks down, call the warranty department and they’ll send out a technician to complete any necessary repairs.

What If the Model That I Need Is Out of My Budget?

Thankfully, you have some options.  If you need a machine that’s out of your budget, consider purchasing a used model/or An advanced series of the same 

Are All Toner Cartridges the Same?

To be brief: no, they aren’t. While many copiers, especially those made by the same company, will use the same toner cartridge, others will not. You might find that the toner required by your previous copier isn’t compatible with the ones that you’re considering. On top of this, the price of the various toner cartridges varies as well, depending on their size and whether or not they use color or just black toner.

About Buying a Copier Machine

 Buying a copy machine isn’t a decision to take lightly. You shouldn’t run into the store, pick the nearest model, and purchase it for your business. Why? Because you might end up with a copier that just doesn’t fit your needs! Instead, take your time, determine which features matter most, and review these few frequently asked questions. You’ll find they’ll help you purchase the best copier that truly meets your needs. After all, copiers are expensive, and many of them are detailed pieces of machinery. So, choose your new copier wisely.

How Can I Determine the Copier’s Speed?

When you look at the specifications for the models you’re considering, definitely check out the speed measurement for something per second. This is the equivalent of  copies per minute. You’ll also notice that there’s a measurement for how fast the first copy is produced. This matters, because you don’t have time to waste when waiting for the copier to warm up. Many of the newest models warm up and make copies quickly, so the difference is often negligible.